PTI to prioritize Peshawar BRT Audit and Criminal Cases against everyone found corrupt.

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I am an ardent supporter of IK and PTI. I continue to support the PTI government, expecting their governance to improve over time. 

PTI's biggest, toughest goal is accountability of the corrupt. So far, they have been doing quite well in this area, despite a lack of quick, crystal clear convictions. 

But it's time now to go a step ahead and bring the Peshawar BRT case into focus. All those signing this petition want PTI to immediately initiate a brutally honest audit of the Peshawar BRT project, have an independent committee, including the opposition nominated people, conduct this audit, make the audit report public immediately, and throw the full force of law against all those found to be negligent or corrupt with Public Money.

Charity, as well as accountability, must start from home. PTI MUST do this to demonstrate they are different from all other parties and do not simply beat the accountability drum for electioneering. 

Please sign this petition, especially those who support PTI, to bring it to IK's attention for immediate action.