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No JF-17 Fighter Jets For Myanmar

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In the past few weeks, the world is no longer blind to the barbaric actions committed against the Rohingya minority of southern Myanmar thanks to the persistent awareness campaigns, protests and petitions by human right organizations and people across the globe. With protesting, actions need to be followed. This is a petition to The Ministry of Defense and The Secretariat of the Prime Minister's Office to be genuine in its stance against genocide being committed by Myanmar's military, by abandoning the sale of Pakistani made JF-17 fighter jets to Myanmar which could be used against innocent civilians.

Pakistan is not expected nor asked by anyone to take its already active military into the battle field. However, it is in Pakistan's best interests to ensure that Myanmar's Armed Forces do not advance in their clear violation of human rights by prohibiting the sale of JF-17 Fighter Jets to Myanmar. Up to date, Pakistan is hosting approximately 300,000 Rohingya refugees and the sale of any weaponry that even stands a 1% chance in assisting the brutality in Rakhine needs to be avoided. To put things in perspective it would be as if a country that has opened its doors to Syrian refugees escaping The Assad Regime and Daesh were to sell arms to the very people these refugees were escaping. This would be found unethical and hypocritical and this is the direction Pakistan is headed towards if this sale is entertained.

While Pakistan has had a notable stance for favoring human rights, be it with assisting The United Nations in Africa or accepting Afghan refugees during the Soviet Invasion, Pakistan must be consistent in its role for being a humanitarian conscious state. 

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This letter will be mailed and e-mailed to the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister's Secretariat of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. All expenses will be covered personally. 






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