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Started by Fatima Rasheed

Unjust killings, harassment, assault, mental abuse , domestic abuse and any violent behaviour are a result of lack of awareness and understanding on how to handle emotions and situations. Hence, specifically with Pakistans on going situation it is crucial to introduce a curriculum in school, colleges and universities that focuses more on training students on how to become a safer and productive addition to the society. If we can’t change the mindsets we are so disgusted by today, we hold the power to save our tomorrow by empowering our future generation. Let’s join hands with Fatima Rasheed and twinkleoncemore organisation in this cause.

Hence, it is crucial to take necessary steps in order urge our government to take action today for a better future.

Behavioural coaching trains children in such a way that they not only feel confident about themselves but they also build emotions like compassion, love, care, generosity and just basic humanity within themselves.

Behavioural coaching pays a huge role in early childhood development as it enhances a child’s intellect giving him or her a chance to build a perspective of their own about life. In addition to that, the activities involved in the course aid the progress of receptive and expressive language in a child.

A child is like a blank sheet. Initial 8 years are the most crucial in early childhood development. So as a responsible society, it is our responsibility to provide the child with the best environment and facilities, To help them learn ethics, morals, manners, habits and rights so that they are not a threat to the society when they grow up. It is on us to not raise criminals, sexual, emotional and physical abusers. We can create a change and save our next generation from horrors of today!

If we look into it and see how children of yesterday have grown up and are handling themselves in society, we will be shaken to the core. It’s astonishing how common drug abuse is and how the suicide rates are climbing higher by the day. Because the teenagers of now are exposed to immense stress and are not taught how to handle such stress.Be it societal pressures or something as temporary as relationship problems. This emotional strength can be provided with a disciplined coaching method which can be provided by a genuine mentor who follows certain guidelines that are there to ensure that the coaching is for the betterment of the individual. People have become hopeless and have lost their faith along the way. Another reason that must be addressed is the issue of cyber crime. Hate is much more common these days because it is easier to spread and is a story that everyone is curious to hear. Due to certain reasons people blame others for their failures.

If we pay attention to the issues at hand we must realize that all of this is happening because of the lack of mentorship and a genuine “ustad” who teaches them the difference between right and wrong since their initial stages of life. A human learns way faster when he/she is young thus the reason he/she learns to walk when he/she is just 1 years old(on average). A particular mindset should be established and that is only possible by the complete upbringing by the parents of the child along with the particulars that a life coach should implement in each individual

That life coach is basically the teacher of the subject of life. So I urge all of you to start teaching your children how to live life the right way and how to take care of every single human being. To spread love and care and avoid all negative emotions in their life. If we start from the initial stages of the child’s development, only then it’s possible that we can provide the society with a very intellectual and understanding individual. And that’s exactly what the society of today needs. People who can understand each other. Because if the base of the building is strong then the building is indestructible. The tree is as strong as deep the roots lie. Make sure you raise an individual who believes in humanity and care rather than someone who is indulged in something as heinous as drugs, sexual assault and the race to earn money. Provide the society with a better individual than yesterday. Only then we can insure that Pakistan will prosper and a better and safer environment will be provided to the generations of tomorrow. That is our only hope to make sure that we have a better tomorrow and an environment where everybody is United and has the ability to leave a Mark on the world. Live and let live and let everyone feel peaceful at mind.

215 have signed. Let’s get to 500!