Increase in EOBI old age pension

Increase in EOBI old age pension

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Prime Minister Imran Khan made an appeal to the top corporations in Pakistan to increase the salaries of their employees, responding to the prime minister’s call business community is increasing salaries of their workers, the PM acknowledged increase announced in his Twitter message, whereas the Old Age Senior Citizens of Pakistan are deprived to live a healthy life are in dire need of enhancement in their pension. EPWA have appealed to President of Pakistan and the Prime Minister elaborating hardship being faced by these people, its worth mentioning here that demand to increase pension with own & employers contributions will not burden on Government budget.
The 1st generation of Pakistan over 60 years of age (mostly EOBI pensioners) are receiving a meagre amount of Rs.8,500/-per month to meet their living expenses which includes food, shelter, clothing, medical expenses, utility bills, travelling etc. Their survival has become impossible and they are undergoing acute depression, financial and economic stress.
The PTI government’s slogan of making Pakistan Riasat-e-Madina like state, the basic concept in Riasat-e-Madina which Mr. Imran Khan the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan also elaborated is “a society based on justice, compassion and the dignity of our human beings.”
Ignoring Senior Citizens of Pakistan is not justifiable and their grievances must be addressed on priority basis.
Once again the Honorourable President and Prime Minister of this country is most humbly requested to kindly allow these EOBI Pensioners to live with dignity and honor by giving raise EOBI PENSION TO EQUIVALENT OF STANDARD MINIMUM WAGES i.e. Rs.20, 000/- and Issue HEALTH CARDS to all EOBI PENSIONERS throughout PAKISTAN.

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3,487 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!