Make Speed Bumps Instead of Tyre Busting High Metallic Road Studs on City Roads

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Despite large axle breaking potholes on the broken urban roads, traffic authorities are also breaking our backs on urban roads. Majority of people in our cities ride 70 cc motorbikes, but traffic authorities are alien to citizens nuisance and spinal shocks. Authorities have nailed expensive Metal Road Studs to calm traffic near intersections and public places. These high Metal Road Studs are bending their rims and busting their tyres. It gives unbalanced shock to biker's spinal cords as well as bust their small tyres. The owners of small cars also complain about shock blows and damage to wheel alignment due to these high metal studs. Road humps (or "speed humps") are rounded mounds, approximately three inches high and 10 to 12 feet long. They effectively slow down traffic to 15-20 mph without making drivers uncomfortable. Motor bikers and small car owners deserve smooth ride on urban roads.