Confirm availability of PPE for Healthcare providers to ensure safety of Pakistani people

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In the wake of the recent world wide pandemic it has been a matter of extreme concern that the front-liners that is the Heath care professionals that includes the doctors, the nursing staff, and the paramedical staff are at the highest risk of contracting the Viral infection.

Emergency services and primary care staff, including physicians, nursing and administrative staff with patient contact can serve as the most dangerous vectors in the spread of this fatal pandemic.

Based on the current knowledge on the transmission of COVID-19, in which respiratory droplets seem to play a major role (also airborne transmission cannot be ruled out at this stage), so taking into consideration the non-availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the point-of-care facilities is highly condemn able.

It is because the health care providers not only come in contact with their own families but they also reach out to several other colleagues and patients as well.

We the healthcare professionals of Pakistan demand from our higher-ups to provide us with the necessary safety equipment as the

Safety of  Health care provider = Safety of Patients = Safety of Pakistan Nation

A humble request by Young Consultants Association of Pakistan