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In light of the recent PIA aircraft crash (flight PK-8303) in Karachi on 22nd May 2020, the petition calls for immediate action being taken against PIA. We demand the Government of Pakistan and the Supreme court to hold PIA accountable for being criminally negligent and putting their passengers' and crews lives on stake resulting in loss of numerous precious lives time and time again. Our key demands to begin with are:
1) PIA authority should apologize to the family of the captain for blaming him publicly, we cannot imagine the pain their words would have caused to his family and friends. ,

2) Alongside the inquiry we urge authorities to inspect all PIA aircrafts to ensure their fitness and get new planes if need be.

3) We want authorities to plan clearing out the airport vicinity as per national and international airport protocols. We recognize that this is a long term plan, however, there is an imminent need to have no residential area for 30 km around the airport. Not obliging to such standards have awfully put our citizens at risk, be it those travelling by air or those residing in the locality. Government and other stakeholders need to sensitively plan relocation of residences from the airport vicinity.