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Boycott Myanmar before it's too late

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There is an ongoing genocide of the Burmese Muslims by their Buddhist counterparts. The state machinery of Myanmar is employed for ethnic cleansing and massacres of the Rohingya Muslims. Thousands of these victims have fled Myanmar in search of a safe haven but were unfortunately sent back by countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand. It's a human tragedy of epic proportions in which the genocide of a religious minority is not making it to the mainstream media of first world countries. I, as a Pakistani, demand that the Pakistani government suspend it's ties with Myanmar until it revokes it's policy of genocide and compensates the victims and their families while ensuring their safety in Myanmar. Bilateral relations including trade and arms exports should be suspended until this genocidal state policy is repealed. I demand the United Nations to apply sanctions on Myanmar until the deescalation of violence. The Myanmar government refuses to allow the UN and other concerned organizations to investigate the ongoing brutal killings. We all have a shared responsibility to put pressure on our governments to do the right thing and extricate themselves from countries that openly flaunt the ethnic cleansing of their people. This petition is my attempt at voicing my disapproval and shame at the lack of accountability in Myanmar as well as the deafening silence surrounding this tragedy in the international community. It's a plea to the citizens of Pakistan and those around the world to support an act of conscience.

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