Justice for animal cruelty!

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A dog was killed in the area of Bunno or surroundings, sometimes after the election result of 2018 was announced in Pakistan. A losing party in PK89 of Adnan Khan Wazir, who was a ticket holder for qoumi watan party of Aftab Sherpao, tied an innocent dog to a tree, put a PTI flag around him and then shot him in the neck!

The dog was screaming and howling in pain while these men stood around him, still pointing a gun at him. They were enjoying seeing him writher in pain. People like these are sadists and psychopaths. Under the cruelty to animal law they need to be punished!

We want the government to take notice of this incident, help identify the murderers and punish them. We also want the government to make a database of all such sadists who enjoy hurting innocent animals. These people enjoy violence and won't just stop at harming animals. They are the very people who become terrorists, murderers and rapists. 

It is about time Pakistan realizes animal rights and punishes those who torture/harm animals in anyway. We as a country needs to be more compassionate! Please stand up against animal cruelty! 

Link to video: https://www.facebook.com/WhatisgoingoninPeshawar/videos/259803141484474/