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Support Jian Ghomeshi's potential (and other) victims of sexual abuse.

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Jian Ghomeshi is a well-known host of the Canadian radio show Q. In a heartfelt letter he expressed (with the help of an expensive PR Firm) to his fans and supporters that the CBC has fired him based on choices he makes in his personal life.

It seems unlikely.  His letter seems to be part of some scheme to "get out ahead of the story" and frame it to set him in the best possible light.  He is an expert in media obfuscation and has hired the leading PR firm in the country to help him.  He has used the death of his father and an off-hand reference to himself as being a soldier in an obvious effort to gain sympathy.

What he has really done is trod down the age-old path of victim blaming and painted his ex as a jilted lover.  What he has glossed over is that there is more than one person making these claims to the Toronto Star and that there may be many more.

These individuals have not come forward publicly, because sadly, in this society the powerful media personality can turn his fans against the accusers and silence them through fear. 

This has already happened: At this time, his post has over 25,000 comments that are overwhelmingly in blind support of him, because they have a) only read his side of the story b) are too willing to believe that someone would make false accusations knowing that they would be crucified in the media and their life would likely be ruined or c) believe anything a media personality tells them.

This is in addition to the over 100,000 likes and 25,000 shares that indicate the above.

DO NOT allow a potential sexual predator get away with this again.  You may have daughters, mothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, spouses, girlfriends and female friends (in addition to having sons, fathers, uncles, cousins, nephews, spouses, boyfriends and male friends) all of whom are potentially affected by the idea that overwhelming support goes to the accused and that the accusers, when discovered are often threatened and vilified.

Someone you might know and care about, male or female might be (or has been) abused, sexually assaulted or raped by a sexual predator: do not allow this kind of blind admiration, apathy and rape culture to continue.

We the people, petition the Government of Ontario to 1) move forward, in a proactive manner, to protect the victims of this kind of abuse as best they can from predators and their supporters who wish to paint their accusers as opportunists rather than victims and 2) work now to create an atmosphere in that the above is intolerable through education campaigns and laws that protect victims who come forward and encourage them to do so.

Out government must come forward and clearly spell out that they understand this issue and will prioritize dealing with it.

Recomended: each person should file a complaint wth the CBC and one with the CRTC regarding any further use of previously recorded programming involving Jian Ghomeshi.


Please sign the petition if you want predators who hide in the shadows to be brought into the light of public scrutiny.

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