Protect public education in Ontario

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Canada! We have one of the best education systems in the world. We rank as a country 6th in the world in math, science and reading. While there is always room for improvement (let’s go for 1st!), we need to make sure the resources continue to be there for our students in the classroom.  Currently, our provincial government, in its efforts to reduce its deficit, plans to increase average class sizes in Ontario high schools. This will change the provincial average of a high school classroom from 22 to 28 (keep in mind small classes of 10 of students with disabilities and tech classes result in mainstream courses exploding to 35-40 students in one class— hence an average of 28).  This will result in less individualized one-on-on time with students in the classroom and the elimination/ reduction of elective courses for these students. This will also jeopardize our world wide standing of 6th in the world.  

We call upon the provincial government, Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Thompson to find these savings in the education system outside of the classroom. Streamline the bureaucracy... centralize some services so money is saved and educational services are more efficient. Rely on the international test (PISA) and eliminate the costly $33 million EQAO tests.  If cuts need to be made, make them in the bureaucracy so students are not crammed into classrooms, course options diminished, and our international scores suffer. Leave the provincial class average at 22:1 so our students continue to score exceptionally well on international tests!