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Golfing in Ontario.

Nice weather is just around the corner and it should be safe to open Golf Courses. BC has opened many golf courses along with the US opening many courses. Our Public are being confined to their apartments, condos and houses. Golf is a pastime that provides automatic social distancing and an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful outdoors.  We need some forms of recreation to help go through this mentally stressful period. We can book our tee off times online and walk the courses. Pro shops can be closed along with ball washing machines, restaurants also can be closed. Flags can be permanently left in the holes.   2-4 golfers start every 7-15 minutes allowing for ideal social distancing.  

Grocery stores, sidewalks  and walking paths don’t even provide the kind of social distancing that a golf course can. 

Golf Clubs are small businesses creating jobs for many people in addition to the facilities they provide for the public and members’ fitness and pleasure.

We can not overlook the importance of the many jobs that the golf clubs and golf associations create. If the Premier does not allow golf courses to open shortly this will certainly put a strain on the businesses related to the golf industry and many associated employee positions. This is Government subsidy expense that is not necessary.  

Please support this petition to make the Provincial Government aware of our position.  

Bill Whalen