Abolish the OSSLT

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Each year, all grade 10 students in Ontario must take a standardized test and pass it in order to get a high school diploma. The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is incredibly flawed in the way it is marked and produced, and it creates too much unneeded stress on students. It is also contrary to the teaching methods now encouraged by the Ontario government. 

This test needs to be abolished for the well-being of students. It is unfair and makes life too difficult for students for no reason at all. One test shouldn't be a contributing factor to a student's future or how much they think they're capable of. Students spend all year in grade 10 practicing for a test that helps them with nothing that would be useful in future years. 

The literacy test is filled with flaws, including the way they mark the questions. If many people get a high mark on a certain question, the amount the question is worth goes down. That's punishing people for doing something right! 

We are trying to move on towards more individualized education, offering people different resources for the way they learn best to achieve their full potential. But with the same test that every student in Ontario has to write to pass, no matter how they learn best, or what their skill level is, it is incredibly hypocritical and contradictory to the steps we are taking towards a better environment for students to learn and achieve their best in.