Ontario should adopt a 90 Minutes-to-Clear standard for Highway Collisions

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#90MinutestoClear – It’s time for Ontario to adopt a new standard

Highway accidents and the road closures that result from them put lives at risk and cost Ontario’s economy billions of dollars every year.

Lengthy closures create traffic and commuter chaos – secondary accidents occur as drivers try to avoid the resulting traffic jam or are distracted by a collision scene in the opposite lanes. Ambulances and emergency services are delayed getting to other emergency scenes or transporting patients to hospital. People and critical loads are delayed arriving at work, or factories, resulting in costly lost productivity.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Other jurisdictions, including Florida, have adopted 90 Minutes-to-Clear standards so that police, fire, ambulance, transportation departments and private recovery contractors work together with an explicit goal to clear the accident scene and reopen the affected lanes within 90 minutes of the first responder arriving on scene. It's affordable. And it works.

Currently, there is no mandate for Ontario police forces to even consider how long it’s taking when managing an accident scene. Nobody’s ever told them that time is of the essence. So, they don’t even consider how long it takes when managing a scene.

It’s time to demand better.

#90MinutestoClear is dedicated to making the situation better – to encouraging Ontario to adopt a 90 Minutes-to-Clear highway accident management standard.

Find out more at 90MinutestoClear.org