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Petitioning Premire of NS office Government of Nova scotia ,Darell dexters NDP and 1 other

Government of Nova scotia ,Darell dexters NDP: keep the promise they made to Cannabis patients in Nova scotia,

several hundred patients heard from Mr Dexter in 2005 when he said he would help Cannabis patients and make sure they had access where the province was concerned, Now when he is IN office, he now threw all patients under the bus. and now will cost patients more money for their medicine, and cost tax payers 1000% more by forcing patients to either use expensive pharmaceuticals that are deadly, instead of a plant that has not harmed anyone by medical use in 5 thousand years.
so the breakdown is . average pharmaceuticals costing tax payers 800$ a month ,also responsible for medical deaths and suicides 700% increase since 1975. and Cannabis costing tax payers less than 50$ dollars a month, with no dangerous side effects . and NO chance of overdosing.
so The province wants to kill off sick people on welfare for money. and an increase of taxes.
we do not consent to our right to life liberty to be infringed upon, by the government in anyway.

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Premire of NS office Government of Nova scotia ,Darell dexters NDP
Mla and human rights violator. Marilyn More
keep the promise they made to Cannabis patients in Nova Scotia, in 2007. allow us access to our Cannabis , and stop making a profit off our pain.Make WCB and the province 's health minister allow patients to access this safe plant as we have doctors who with us made this choice you do not. we need this and its cheaper for tax payers. not to mention safer than 100%