Allow Sunday hunting in Nova Scotia!

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Nova Scotia is currently one of the few places in North America that still practices the Archaic tradition of banning hunting on sundays. The reasons behind these laws are convoluted to say the least and dont have any basis in scientific wildlife management practices. In this modern day and age most hunters lead busy lives, trying to balance work, family, and additional commitments can leave many with little if any time to enjoy the amazing natural land and wild resources of nova Scotia. Time in the woods, fields, and marshes is precious to us all, and restricting all forms of hunting on a weekend day (except for the first 2 sundays of general deer season which we do appreciate!) during an already short and busy time of year can be extremely discouraging too those of us that find peace in the wilderness around us while trying too provide meat for our tables, and stories for our lifetime. I want to call the provincial government of Nova Scotia's attention to this issue by asking my fellow hunters to stand with me and sign this petition letting the government know how precious our time afield is, and that during the short time in fall where ordinary men and women from all walks of life take to the woods, we want too hunt and enjoy every possible day that we can.