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Release two kids in their custody to their indian parents

Government of Norway - Child Welfare Services took two young kids from their parents who were working on a assignment.

The bizzare explanation given by Norway authorities is that there was "emotional disconnect" between kids and parents.

Welfare authorities unilaterally decided that foster parents will have more emotional connection to the kids and local courts gave a unbelievable descision that parents can only meet their kids two times a year for 20 minutes and will not be returned till they are 18.

Cannot believe that a european country will act this. These parents are going through emotional nightmare and their life is being destroyed by this horrible action.

Goverment of India supports the parents and repeatedly asked Government of Norway to return the kids at the earliest.

Government of Norway is holding the kids of other nationality against the law and holding everyone at ransom.

Government of Norway - Child Welfare services was citied by United Nation for their excessive Foster care and please check following website which explain how this good intending service is misused in that country


They now want visa of the kids to be extended without parents consent so that they can hold them.

Need help from everyone to support this petition and request Government of Norway to release these young kids to their parents immediately and end this nightmare.

Please refer this petition to all your friends and family.

Need all the support we can get.

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