Stop Protected Areas Plan for Newfoundland

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The background for this petition is as follows:

The wilderness and ecological reserves advisory council (WERAC) has put forth a proposal (A Home for Nature: Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland) that claims several large portions of our province of Newfoundland for reserves. The areas included are of great cultural and economic significance to the residents of the Island of Newfoundland.
This proposal was put forward with no consultation from the residents of Newfoundland and with no consideration of the impacts on their way of life, traditional and otherwise.
This proposal was developed without the full constituted committee of eleven members and without reasonable consultations with the people most impacted by these critical changes to our "Back Yard".
Failure to follow established principles of openness and consultation renders this proposal at the very least illegal and bordering on criminal deception.

Therefore, we petition the Honourable Members of The House of Assembly as follows;
We the undersigned, call upon the Honourable Members to request that the government of Newfoundland and Labrador do not accept WERAC’S proposal (A Home For Nature: Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland) and encourage government to do proper consultation on any further plans.
Further WERAC is to release to proponents all data, documentation and any relevant research used to select proposed reserve areas.

Additional Information as follows:

A Home for Nature: Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland 

We the people of Newfoundland adamantly oppose the creation of any more protected land areas on the Island of Newfoundland.

The land protection regulations already in place, crown land use restrictions, wildlife protection and other existing government regulations, coupled with existing enforcement abilities, are sufficient to control and protect the land in all regions of Newfoundland. The residents of these areas serve as the best apparatus to protect these areas and ensure that regulations, guidelines and restrictions are reviewed to adjust to changing times and needs. Placing these proposed restrictions and regulations at this time, for the long term, impairs the ability of government and locals to adjust as required when there is a need for the overall benefit ( cultural, recreational, economical ) of the majority of the populace.

Presently, there are many Wilderness Reserves, Ecological Reserves, National Parks, provincial parks, Heritage River Systems and other protected areas in Newfoundland. Allotment of additional lands for protected areas would stymie or impede the potential for tourism or industrial development, and equally hinder the ability of locals to utilize the land and land resources as they have been doing for generations. These same people through awareness and local knowledge offer the best approach for protection of the proposed land areas and the contained resources.

25 years in the making and it's only recently surfaced.

On top of that, deadlines for opposing the plan is in the middle of a pandemic.

There should be no further “protected areas” introduced or identified and this proposal should be abandoned.