Save the Shoal Tickle Bridge

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The Shoal Tickle Bridge is an important part of the infrastructure of Little Bay Islands, a beautiful community scheduled to be resettled in a few short months.  Government intends to demolish the bridge which will cut off one island from the other in this beautiful community.  

Resettlement is a very sad process; in fact ‘forced abandonment’ is a better description.  The people of Little Bay Islands love their community and the process has torn the town in two.  Those in favour of resettlement will soon be mandated to leave their homes with a stipend that permits them to purchase an average home elsewhere.  

Those not in favour are the majority of the tax payers yet stand to lose all government services. That means that the government will tear up the power poles, water and sewer lines and this beautiful bridge will be demolished.  Those who choose to stay will be forced to get generators, personal water supplies and septic systems.  In fact, many have already started preparing.  

The demolition of the bridge, however, will further isolate the few residents who live on the adjacent island and reduce potential for the remaining community to survive.  It’s a bad faith decision and demonstrates government priorities.

The people of Little Bay Islands are strong in spirit and will carry forward the traditions of caring, community and courage in the face of resettlement.  They need your help to save the bridge to have the greatest chance at successfully pursuing their life off the provincial grid.  

Please sign our petition to send a message to the government of Newfoundland that this Bridge is vital to the community of Little Bay Islands.  

I fell in love with this beautiful island community six years ago when I first visited.  In those years, I have seen a depression in the people due to the looming resettlement give way to a vibrancy and courage to continue and rebuild.  The people who are remaining on Little Bay Islands will show the world that this beautiful place can continue to bless its visitors and residents with peace and tranquility like no other place on Earth.