Implement safety measures on NL Highways.

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Recently,  the incidents of head on collisions on our Newfoundland highways have been uncomfortably high, resulting in tragedy and unimaginable loss  to families as well as to  communities.  We struggle to find answers and often ask those left to mourn and grieve, what  can we do to help?  Our community, like many other Newfoundland communities are struggling  to find a way to help each other,  a way to move forward and are suffering immensely in the wake of such a tragedy. 

I am starting a  petition to the Government of Newfoundland . This petition challenges the Government to evaluate the safety of our highway and seek solutions for the  protection  of all travellers.

Concerns over distracted drivers are increasing. We can continue to plead  and educate the public about the dangers of  cell phone use, texting while driving, fatigue and of course driving while impaired.  However,  statistics still show that head on collisions are primarily due to these reasons. Alternative preventative measure need to be implemented.

Solutions, such as expanding the divided highway footprint through infrastructure stimulus, funding road construction through point of entry fees or tolls of commercial vehicles or simple and cost - effective solutions such as installation of center rumble belts.  These belts are designed to alert distracted drivers to the fact that they are heading to the wrong side of the road .

These measures  will never bring back our loves ones , but by signing this petition we may unknowingly be saving the life of someone we love. Having said this, I will dedicate this initative to the Lush family, just as other families and communities will do for their loved ones. Whomever the name , or whatever the reason, it is important that we sign and share this petition. The power and the strength in numbers is what works and  it is what we need to do.