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Government of Newfoundland and Labrador: We demand a moratorium on gas and oil fracking!

Oil and gas fracking currently have NO regulations governing their methods, acceptable environmental impact or related health risks in the province of NL. Recently there has been speculation that there are significant shale oil/gas deposits on the west coast of Newfoundland in the area of Green Point adjacent Gros Morne National Park, as well as Port-aux-port and Lark Habour:

David Suzuki has described the consequences of unplanned and unregulated fracking as environmentally devastating:

The damage to local water supplies is particularly worrisome due to the massive water consumption that can go into just 1 well, up to 17,000,000 liters! The water used is taken from the environment permanently and turned into sludge which is then pumped back into the earth sometimes causing minor earthquakes but even worse contaminating the water table of the remaining fresh water.

Please sign this petition to ensure that the government of NL enacts the proper legislation as other provinces such as NB have done:

This is to guarantee that present and future generations and visitors to National Geographic's #2 national park in North America and one of the most beautiful places on earth will be preserved:

*We the undersigned demand the House of Assembly to request the Government of NL to put a moratorium on any and all oil/gas fracking (current & future) until such a time as environmental and health impacts have been thoroughly studied, effected communities consulted and allowed to voice their concerns and independent regulatory bodies put in place to evaluate, investigate and review the development and deployment of these types of natural resource exploration and exploitation.

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