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Stop the mass killing of Muslims in Burma .

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Muslims are being brutally killed in Myanmar.

Islam believes in Muslim brotherhood and keeps the humanity sacred. As thousands of our Muslim brothers and sisters and children die in Myanmar, our media and authorities remain silent.

The same electronic media that would spread a "Breaking News" when an Indian movie actor has a hiccup, sits silent and totally ignores the situation that calls for immediate action, sympathy and initiative to ensure the safety of Muslims in Myanmar.

Just imagine what would had been the reaction if 2 American citizens had been killed in Pakistan..?

Is the Muslim blood so cheap now..? Or is the bank balance too heavy for our media moguls to utter a single statement of sympathy...?

Raise your voice. Remember, if we see anything bad, we are ordered to stop it with force, if we cant use force, stop it with our voice, if we cant even raise our voice, we should atleast detest it in heart, and that is the minimum level of Emaan. So has this nation collectively reached the minimum level of Emaan...? Cant you spare a few minutes for your Muslim brothers and sisters in Myanmar...?

The least we can do is to openly condemn these channels for their silence and demand them to show the real picture. Our news channels can easily do without a little entertainment news about Katrina and Veena Malik... and make good use of the air time to speak up for the truth.

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