Release Kaushal Pandia

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A young man Kaushal Pandia was kidnapped on his way home after lunch at a restaurant. His father was kidnapped a few years ago. Large number of Indian origin business persons are being kidnapped and held for ransom. Fearing for lives of self and family many have left Mozambique, selling their businesses in distress. No Government Authority is coming to their rescue. The systematic targeting of the Indian community in Mozambique, which has a history of doing business  in Mozambique for over 5 centuries, smells of conspiracy. The vacuum created by Indian Businesses leaving Mozambique will hurt Mozambican Economy.
No other ethnic community has endured as much threats of kidnappings as Indians have. Contribution of Indians to Mozambican Economy, Culture and Society is Immense. Indians fought hand in hand with Mozambicans during their fight for Independence. Indians have lived in peace and cooperated with the Government of Mozambique at all times and will continue to do so. 
We seek support from all people who sign this petition to garner support of Mozambican Government and the Indian Government to take action to get Kaushal released and ensure that the Indian community and other residents of Mozambique live in peace and harmony. We want end to this scourge of kidnappings. 

Mozambique is a great country with lovely people. We will not allow these kidnappings to blot the image of this country.