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Please Recognise Gay and Lesbian People in Mauritius

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Mauritius, the beautiful, tropical island. Holiday destination to millions and home to almost 1,300,000 people of different size, gender, religion, ethnicity and sexuality.

This petition has been created because the law in Mauritius doesn't officially recognise that LGBT people exist.

Every human being has the right to protection, and to live their lives as they wish and to love who they want to.

It is never acceptable to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their gender identity or sexual orientation and the law in Mauritius must reflect this, just as it does in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and many other countries that respect human rights.

While most of the modern world is enforcing the protection of LGBT people and legalising marriage for same-sex couples, in Mauritius, gay people still live in fear of anybody even finding out they're gay.

There are thousands of LGBT Mauritians, but they're forced to pretend they are straight out of intense fear from violence and hate experienced by those who do come out. 

The Government of Mauritius has established an Equal Opportunities Act and set up the Equal Opportunities Commission that claims to protect people from discrimination and ill treatment based on sexual orientation.

Yet it is still illegal to be gay in Mauritius.

It's time the government followed through on its commitment to human rights by enforcing it's existing laws and ammending the outdated, discriminatory laws, such as Section 250, that breach the every day rights of its citizens and their partners.

We ask the Mauritian government to recognise our basic human rights, and update the law to match the laws of other civilised nations in the modern world with the following motions:

1. Repeal Section 250 criminalising sexual acts between consenting adults that are not purely for the sake of reproduction

2. Enforce protections for LGBT people against discrimination and hate speech

3. Recognise same-sex partnerships from other nations for visa applications for partners of Mauritian citizens, and introduce a form of civil union that would allow same-sex couples in Mauritius to register a partnership and benefit from the same rights as married heterosexuals

4. Promote and encourage accurate representations of LGBT people in the media to reduce levels of stigma against LGBT people

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