Reinstatement of two-week self-isolation requirement for all

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The Government of Manitoba should reinstate the 14 day self-isolation period for all non-essential travellers who (re)enter MB from anywhere via any means of travel. There is now documented and irrefutable community spread.

No one needs to vacation outside of MB this summer. Let us explore our own Province safely and keep our tourist dollars at home.

No one needs to put their family members at risk by visiting without first self-isolating. In fact, many Winnipegers have not seen their local family members with underlying health issues since March. 

This pandemic has taught us that most business meetings can be conducted via Zoom. Those who need to travel can isolate upon return.

People who are desperately awaiting surgery dates should not be told that their elective surgeries have had to be postponed yet again.

The Conservative Government has always claimed to have done what is best for the Provincial economy. Reinstating the self-isolation requirements for all is the smart choice now.

For our economy to function we need to have childcare in place. For our children’s mental health and for their educational development, we need to open our schools. For the schools to stay open safely for both the children and their teachers, we need to keep Covid at bay.

We should be proud of our Province that we were among the first to shut down in March. Manitoba was a shining example of how to handle a pandemic response. That light is rapidly going dim.

Please immediately reinstate the 14 day self-isolation requirement so that we can contain the virus yet again in sufficient time that the school year may safely begin as scheduled.