We are the human race. Not theIndian Race not the Chinese Race nor Malay nor others...

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In Malaysia, we are categorised, broken down and divided from birth by our race. We have to decide what race we are the moment we take our first cry. We are either beĺonging to the "Indian Race", "Chinese Race", "Malay Race" or something rather quirky called "Others". Go to a hospital, to a police station, to any government department and inevitably you will be asked your race. Alhough you may argue with the receptionist that indeed you are of the human race, turn your back and she or he will look at the colour of your skin, check your name and decide you are of a certain ethnic origin and will buttonhole you into one of the three racial groups of Malaysia. May 9th 2018 however, gave birth to a fresh hope in Malaysia.  We woke up proud again of being Malaysians. We walked about with a  spring in our gait. We had just voted a government of 60 years standing out of power. If we could do this we can  now take the next step and become just Malaysians. Not a Malaysian of a certain race but Malaysians of the human race. Please sign this petition if you believe that we should take such categorisations out of all forms. 

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