Save Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat

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Recently an announcement was made on the abolishment of SPAD and the transfer of its functions to the Ministry of Transport. It was said that the decision was made as there was an overlap of roles between SPAD and JPJ and so SPAD is made redundant. I really think SPAD should be allowed to continue as their track record has shown that in the short span of 8 years, they have changed the public transportation industry for the better.

Look around. We are now enjoying the fruits of their labour. Buses and trains are cleaner. People even queue up now. That is something unheard of years ago.The public transport service nowadays is reliable, it gets you to places you need to be. And you can see SPAD's effort to integrate the various modes so that it will be more convenient for the public to get around. We can even plan our journey now as we can check the timetables for bus and train in advance. SPAD is also serious about making public transport safer. There is an application that allows passengers to identify their taxi drivers. And now no more taxi drivers behaving like thugs. If taxi drivers refuse to use the metre or overcharge the passengers they will be brought to court to face the music. 

These are just a few examples of their good work. Imagine other good things that SPAD can bring about if they are allowed to continue operating. We need a strong regulator like SPAD to ensure that the public transport in Malaysia can be at the same level as those in developed countries.