Remind the rakyat of our Rukun Negara by displaying it in public.

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On May 9th 2018, the people of Malaysia saw a change of government, and suddenly there was a sense of democracy (even though the democratic system was in place long before). The democratic system, then and now, upholds the Rukun Negara, and thus the people of Malaysia should too. The Rukun Negara does not favor political parties nor individuals. If people hold true to democracy, they are to hold true to the Rukun Negara and need to be reminded of it in case they "forget", as some already seem to have. We need to be reminded that we are governed and guided by principles, not just by political parties of our choosing. Political parties and leadership can and will change, but our principles should always remain intact. That is what will truly define the harmony of this country, not the parties that run it.

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