Allow Family tour in Own Vehicle during MCO (Benarkan keluarga bersiar2 dlm kenderaan)


Allow Family tour in Own Vehicle during MCO (Benarkan keluarga bersiar2 dlm kenderaan)

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Yazeer Seranna started this petition to Government of Malaysia and

Update: Upon 20 August SOP release, called MKN and confirmed that kids under 17 years old not counted in vehicle capacity.

Awaiting reply email for written confirmation, which then will close the petition.

Thank you all for the support �

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For our mental health :) 
Untuk kesihatan mental kita

(Malay version - scroll below)

Do your kids and dependants felt trapped during this MCO?

- Current SOP allows only 2 pax in a vehicle for essential purpose (3 pax for vaccination/medical)
- Kids & dependants felt in confinement and may affect their mental health
- Hence, propose to allow to tour with kids in a vehicle around (up to the vehicle’s capacity & distance) without all getting out of car*.

Details including the proposal risk is as per this URL of PowerPoint file:!AtNA2W4JGIOYniz5UCvabjKmJfud?e=vHWY7L!AtNA2W4JGIOYniz5UCvabjKmJfud?e=vHWY7L

Folder to access pdf & other version:!AtNA2W4JGIOYnige9zqPxc-ePGig?e=a7XJX1!AtNA2W4JGIOYnige9zqPxc-ePGig?e=CORSoB

*Except Home - Vehicle and Vehicle - Home

Adakah anak & tanggungan anda berasa terkurung semasa PKP ini? 

- SOP sekarang hanya benarkan 2 orang dalam kenderaan (3 org utk vaksinasi/ perubatan)
- Anak dan tanggungan berasa terkurung, boleh menjejaskan kesihatan mental
- Cadang supaya benarkan keluarga bersiar2 dalam kenderaan bersama anak2 (hingga kapasiti kenderaan dan jarak tertentu) tanpa keluarga keluar dari kereta*.

Perincian dan risiko dibentangkan dalam fail di pautan di bawah:!AtNA2W4JGIOYniz5UCvabjKmJfud?e=vHWY7L!AtNA2W4JGIOYniz5UCvabjKmJfud?e=vHWY7L


Untuk versi pdf:!AtNA2W4JGIOYnige9zqPxc-ePGig?e=a7XJX1!AtNA2W4JGIOYnige9zqPxc-ePGig?e=CORSoB

Terima kasih.

*Kecuali kediaman - kenderaan & kenderaan - kediaman
Tui pu chi, mai yo huayi ter....


This petition made change with 173 supporters!

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