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Say NO to ivory

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Wildlife Malawi started this petition to Government of Malawi

World Wildlife Day 2015 is just around the corner and serious progress is being made.  Some of the biggest ever wildlife crime sentences have been handed out, a full wildlife trade assessment has been completed, the law is being reviewed and the government may very well burn the ivory.

Please ADD YOUR VOICE TO MALAWI’S BIGGEST EVER WILDLIFE CAMPAIGN - LET’S KEEP UP THE NOISE as those big decisions are being made.  We have also collected over 3000 signatures locally for those without access to internet and continue to collect more.

In 2013 up to 36,000 elephants were killed for their ivory. That's 1 life lost every 15 minutes.  At the current rate of poaching the African elephant could face extinction in the wild by 2025.

In October 2015 we joined thousands around the world who marched to their own country's Government buildings to hand over letters calling for stricter penalties and urgent global change.  Malawi’s marchers were met by the Hon. Kondwani Nankhoma, Minister of Information, Tourism, Culture and Civil Education, who responded with concrete pledges as can be read here:

Specifically this petition is asking for support from the government of Malawi to:

·         Ban all international and domestic ivory trade

·         Destroy ivory stockpiles

·         Invest in anti-poaching and border force training

·         Strengthen and implement strict penalties on all persons involved in the illegal wildlife trade.

By signing our petition you will be pledging your support for elephants in Malawi and across the world.  Remember if ivory poaching continues at the current rate, African elephants will disappear from the wild by 2025.  

Thanks all for your support!

Petition organised by Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Action Group and WESM.

Petition Closed

This petition had 5,789 supporters

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