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As part of Mumbai Development Plan 2034, among other constructions of roads in the western region of Mumbai, there are three proposed link-roads which will pass through the Mangroves and link the Versova region and lokhandwala region. To make these 3 roads feasible, Mangroves have to be uprooted/destroyed to the extent that the habitat around these mangroves, and the mangroves itself, would cease to exist.


Please sign this petition to show your solidarity with the cause and make your voice heard. Please participate and help save the last few green covers in Mumbai... before it is too late.


Mangroves play a very important role in the ecosystem and environment, the functions/importance of the Mangroves are as follows:

                      a.          protecting sea shores from erosion, high winds and cyclone;

                      b.          Mangroves are strategically located between the land and sea and therefore, their importance is not merely in their forest value. The mangroves act as a buffer between the land and sea and play a very important role in fighting tidal erosion. The presence of mangroves does away with the need for expensive sea walls. The loss of mangroves endangers the stability of the land;

                       c.          The mangroves facilitate reclamation of land from the sea;

                      d.          Sometimes mangroves act as flood control by absorbing excess water from the sea;

                      e.          Similarly, mangroves protect the land from storms and hurricanes

                        f.          Apart from the fact that mangroves act as natural sewage water filter systems, the same act as natural pollution coastal checks. They absorb natural waste;

                       g.          The presence of mangroves on the fringes of the city Mumbai which has one of the lowest open space ratios in the world ensures that some open spaces are kept open;

                      h.          The mangroves are breeding grounds for a number of marine organism, such as shrimps, crabs and fish. The presence of mangroves keeps the fish relatively free from industrial and other pollution; and

                        i.          The mangroves are also centers of biodiversity and are the most productive ecosystems.