Laos Imprisoning Young Lady for Defending Herself from Rapist

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Nang Tookta Phetsomphone is a young lady in the communist nation of Laos who worked for a Chinese national. After he failed to pay her she quit. A month later he lured her back with a promise to pay the back wages. Instead he forced her at knifepoint into a restroom, where she managed to wrest the knife away from the larger man and stabbed him, resulting in his death. 

Tookta reported the incident to authorities and was imprisoned. While higher (provincial) authorities declined to press charges after their investigation, the local Khamkuet district authorities have kept this young lady imprisoned for five months and counting without access to her family or lawyers. Instead they are reported to be demanding the equivalent of $11,000 from her family to "consider" releasing her.

The atheist, communist authorities are also demanding that her father (Bountheung Phetsomphone), a Christian pastor, renounce his faith and cease evangelistic work. In 2012 Pastor Bountheung was evicted from his home by local authorities, followed by an arrest in 2015 for his pastoral work.

Authorities are holding his daughter as a bargaining chip to coerce her family whom they have been persecuting. This petition asks that the government of Laos release Tookta immediately to her family and cease all unjust persecution.

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