Justice for valayar children who got raped and were hanged to death.

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Let's bring justice to the little kids 12 years and 9 years old who lived in valayar ,palakkad district of kerala.They were found hanging in their shelter house on road side in 2017.Their parents are daily wage labourers and had complained to police that some local men frequently were abusing them.Post mortem report of the elder child revealed she was raped multiple times before death.

Now the sad part is that the accused were set Scot free on 27 th of October 2019.The accused are local party workers . Lax police investigation and political big wig interference removed all the evidence against them.One of them were witnessed by the victims mother as abusing the child.The accused walk free now and may grow out to be become our future politicians.

Let's come together kerala to raise some voice than sitting our hands tied .Nirbhaya of delhi got justice only by common people raging a war against the accused.Let us tell the government we are not puppets and cannot tolerate these vultures who prey upon innocent victims.