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Demanding ABVP/RSS activist's fundamental 'Right to Live' from Kerala Government

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An Open Letter to Kerala CM Pinrayi Vijayan demanding ABVP activist's 'Right to Live.'

Last night was a sleepless night for mother of Shyam, an ITI student of your state Kerala, who was serving society though ABVP. He was brutally killed by PFI, an organization with terror links, but enjoying complete freedom to perpetuate terror under your regime. Last night was also a sleepless night for millions of youth of Kerala and ABVP activists across the nation, as they lost one more brother in the terror unleashed by CPM-PFI combine. I know it would make no difference to you, as you are a member of the politburo of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) which has orchestrated killings of more than 250 activists of ABVP and RSS. Infact, it is a matter of shame that you were involved in the first political murder that took place in Kerala on April 28, 1969 when RSS activist Vadikkal Ramakrishnan was killed by a mob of 200 CPM goons led by then CPM State Secretary M.V. Rajagopalan along with you.

I wonder that a person like you, who has spent his youth life reading about violent uprisings led by the communists in different nations and dreamt about unfurling red flag at the red fort, believes in the Indian constitution or not. Your comrades in Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, East Germany, North Korea and other communist regimes are responsible for political killings of 85-100 million people. The same was followed by CPI (Maoists), which has killed 2,000-3,000 police personnel’s and 12,000-14,000 civilians in the last 2 decades. Your party too, who is so-called believer of democratic revolution continues communist characteristics of political killings in states of West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura till date. I would like to remind you that you no longer are just a comrade following the Marx or Mao's doctrine, but chief minister of an Indian state governed by India's Constitution. This same constitution guarantees the 'right to life'. But, why this right is being taken away from students associated with a different ideology than yours! Innumerable ABVP activists are struggling for their 'Right To Live' only because they have decided to struggle for student issues and work to instil a nationalist character amongst students though ABVP.

'Democracy is deep-rooted in India. It is not just from 50 or 100 years but from the time of sixteen Mahajanpads, thousand years ago, that democratic structures are instilled. In a democratic setup, there is no space for political killings. How can the government of Kerala wash its hands off the killings? I believe that anywhere where there are political killings, the government cannot wash off its hands. The chief minister has to answer to its people.” This questions against your government was not raised from any opposition leader, but from a MP of your party, Ex-SFI National General Secretary Ritabrata Banarjee. Adding further he said, "In Kannur district, innumerable martial art academies are spouting. These martial arts academies are for real or if this are breeding ground of mercenaries, needs to be probed as the killings are taking place through the way of chopping of the organs. Killings are the highest in Kannur from where you along with Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, State Secretary and your colleague in politburo hail from". Not just your comrade, but the nation awaits your answers on this.

Finally, I would request you to clarify whether youth of Kerala should expect that the law and order machinery of the state would provide them protection from goons of CPM-PFI? Should parents of thousands of ABVP activists across the state should mentally prepare themselves that their child won't return home alive if they try to serve society though ABVP? Would Popular Front of India (PFI) continue to carry their terror activities in your state patronage even when your own police and the NIA has unearthed it's link with Islamic State and other terror organizations? Like the cases of the previous murders, should the mother of Shyam too expect that murderers of his son would go scott free?

If your state government fails to provide the fundamental right of 'Right To Live' for ABVP activists in Kerala, millions of youth across the nation like me who are deeply hurt and fed-up reading news of student activist killed in alternate month, would ensure that a nation-wide movement to uphold constitution and democracy begins! Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi experienced this movement when she tried to kill democracy. This nation is build on the values through which we do not have just tolerance towards a person of different opinion, but acceptance inspite of this difference in opinion. It would continue to hold this democratic value and struggle to ensure that the constitution is upheld each day.

Remembering sacrifices of hundreds of ABVP martyrs who stood with the ideology of nationalism and democracy when they were asked to choose between this ideology and life!


हँस-हँस कर इक मस्ती लेकर,
जिसने सीखा है बलि होना।
अपनी पीड़ा पर मुस्काना,
औरों के कष्टों पर रोना।
जिसने सहना सीख लिया है,
संकट है त्यौहार उसी को।

- Anand Purohit

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