I demand justice for Asifa.

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Asifa was jus 8 years old. I don't know how these bustards could do this to a little girl. She is jus like their daughter. Girls have a special status in all religions.

Girls have special status in this world as well as in akhirat. In each and every book of religion either Quran, Bible, Geeta everywhere is written about the special status of girls. I am totally shocked that how anyone can do this ?

The criminals who have done this act, according to me their punishment should be first of all cut their private parts then let them live for a week after cutting down their provate parts so that they will be able to feel some pain. After a week they should be hanged till death.

That will be the justice for our little sister Asifa as well as it will be a lession to the whole world so that no one will ever even think to do sch kind of act.

I request the Government of Kashmir and Government of India to take the steps forwards and give justice to Asifa.