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Stop patala ganga project and save future mankind.

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Respected chief minister of Karnataka state government, the water resource minister,and the minister for rural development, here by we request you to stop the deadly and hazardous  "PATALA GANGA PROJECT". 

Because the project which you are taking up is reported to be very hazardous to the future mankind and also to the present living ,the water which you lift up from the huge depth may contain lot of chemicals such as arsenic and fluorides and can cause deadly diseases mainly  to the children.

The step of taking fossil water up the earth can result in many natural disasters  and also a lot of finance( For supplying  water at a rate of 80,000 to 100,000 litres every hour,under this project, each drill costs around Rs 12.5 crore.) has to be spent on it .Then think of the entire budget of the project, which is again a indirect burden to each and every individual tax payers.

So,finally instead of sticking on  to the dangerous project ,why don't you think of promoting and uplifting the process of rain water harvesting even in the remote areas and also purification of waste water which is generated around the state .and also give an encouragement to  the fast growth of many ongoing projects around the state which is still going in tortoise speed.

Having said all the above details we request you to find an alternative methods for the eradication of water scarcity by putting an end to the patala ganga project ,other wise we are ready to protest against  this in any situations .

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