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Hey Fellow Citizens!


Today, there is nobody in Bangalore who is unaffected by garbage. Lack of garbage bins has become a grave problem. There is trash being dumped on the streets. Even the Government sourced waste collection auto tippers are dumping it on the streets and public areas. The garbage crisis is getting more critical day by day.

In other side, There is neither dignity nor good remuneration for waste pickers. Sometimes, there is a delay in receiving this incentive. They work to clean our dirt and put their health at risk. Surprisingly, most of the time, they also don't get masks, gloves, sanitizers,etc.Workers face all kinds of injuries and cuts while sorting through garbage. Apart from injuries, waste pickers face several occupational hazards and chronic diseases. But the municipal corporation does not care for their well-being. 

The first step towards this should be sufficient bins in every corner including all market, commercial areas, common points, residential streets, parks, waling paths, small buildings, apartments, etc. So that people can dispose the garbage in these instead of throwing them in vacant sites. Government has to pick garbage daily and dump them in areas those are neither close to residential areas nor public areas.

In second step, Increase in honorarium and incentives of wage pickers workers, timely payments, adequate provision of masks, gloves, first aid box & PPE, timely body check-ups and basic health awareness session.  

In third step, Government has to implement a proper eco-friendly waste management plan to make whole city and surrounding very clean. Any model like Mysore  which sells 95% of its waste!  


Is there any hope?

Today, there are solid examples of cities which have beaten this problem. With the collective action of just a fraction of its citizens, there are towns, cities which have said “Yes, we can!” Indore in M.P, Mysore in Karnataka (a city turning trash into cash) and Tirupathi hill town in Andhra serve as great examples of how determination has led to effective waste management. 

What does it take?

Strict administration, corporate contribution, crowd-funding & then, each and every concerned citizen's right action count. You too can make difference. 


What can you do?

Please sign the petition now. Then get all at home to do the same. Finally share the petition and spread as much as you can. 

This petition along with your comments and suggestions is delivered instantly to our CM and others, requesting  him to urgently take required  actions, make BBMP accountable for delivering results.




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