Promote intermediate College students for this semester.

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Maharashtra government took a decision of promoting students of all semesters except Final year's.

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The students in colleges all over India are facing the same issue. We are being mentally traumatized in this uneventful situation to keep up with the academic session which is not taken seriously by the teachers themselves. Most of the Professors in colleges are not equipped with online teaching, while some of who have the knowledge don't know how to optimise.

Many of the students of various colleges are living in remote areas where they don't have access to Internet services or devices to use internet. The colleges are forcing students to take up online exams which is a big problem for many of the students. Most of the students don't have access to study materials, while the colleges are claiming the students can find any book online, so basically they are promoting piracy.

I respectfully request the Department of Higher education Government of India and Prime Minister office of India to look into this matter and to promote the students of intermediate semesters using their previous academic records.

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