Hijab is our Right and No One Has a Right to Say What to Wear!

Hijab is our Right and No One Has a Right to Say What to Wear!

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Started by Furkan Shaikh

Everyone in India Accordingly to Indian constitution has right to follow his/her religion.

A college in Udupi has stopped Muslim girl's from attending their classes because they are practising there religion (wearing hijab). To our surprising this is happening in a Government College which is supposed to follow the constitutional laws more precisely and accurately than the private college.

The 1st thing to be noted is being a government college they are violating the constitution, which is intolerable and needs a careful and strict action.

The 2nd thing is that they creating a hatred among 2 communities which once had fought together for our Independence. The two communities which where together are being separated and becoming rude to each other by these kind of propaganda creating hate, threat to humanity, peace, brotherhood and right between two religions for pitty politics.

The 3rd thing is the innocent students are being deprived of there basic requirement which is Education. Due to others mistakes the innocent are suffering, this according to Indian constitution and law should not happen.

I hereby humbly request the Government of Karnataka to look in this matter carefully and take stringent action on it so that this issue doesn't arise again.

Thank you.

393 have signed. Let’s get to 500!