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Turahalli Forest is one of the few surviving forests in Bengaluru city. Spread just over 500 acres it is a dry deciduous forest that is being threatened by human settlements.

The Real Crisis of Turahalli

The once sprawling forest with rich flora and fauna is being encroached upon by man over the years and as a result, harming the forest and depleting it of its flora & fauna. Now it’s time for us to wake up and start acting! Students of Grade 9 & 10 of the academic year 2019-20 studying in Deccan International School, Bengaluru, Karnataka are preparing to fight for a bigger cause by registering the need to protect Turahalli Forest.

1. Forest Fires: Come summer, frequent fires, both natural and manmade have significantly impacted the trees in the forests. Strict action and fines need to be imposed on habitual offenders. Clear geographic boundary of Turahalli needs to be demarcated and should not be altered in the coming years.

2. Unofficial dumping of garbage: Nearby residents & visitors encroach the forest boundaries by using it as illegal dump yards. We need to protect and prevent visitors from dumping garbage and refrain from eating food & drinks in the forest.

The students of Deccan International School plead the Forest Department and the Government of Karnataka to impose strict laws on the above-mentioned points to save our sole surviving forest in Bengaluru city.

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Students of Deccan International School started this petition to the Government of Karnataka (India) and the Karnataka Forest Department.

This project has been initiated by students as part of the British Council’s International School Award.