Increase in Street Dog - Humans Conflict in Bangalore!!!

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One recent incident of Stray Dogs Attack on 17 years old in Rajajinagar due to which he has Fractured both his Wrists.

On 17th April 2019 at around 4.30pm, a Boy aged around 17years was on his way to a shop nearby his Residence behind m/s Sagar Hotel on Dr.Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar was attacked by a Pack of around 12 Dogs. In his attempt to escape from the attack, the Boy had a fall backwards & while trying to save his head falling on the stones on the Road took Support of his Hands as a Natural instinct & Suffered Major Fracture on both his Wrist.

The Nearby Pedestrians & Other Locals Rushed to his Help and chased off the Pack of Dogs, thus Prevented the Dogs from Biting the Boy. – Special Thanks to those Guys for saving the Boy from the Dog Bites.

Now arises the Question has who is responsible for this act? Residents?  BBMP?  Local politicians? Who is to be blamed for?

I would here by like to appeal for the Honourable Government of Karnataka and the concerned Local Authorities from the BBMP to look into this serious issues by ensuring that City is,

1) Cleared of Stray Dogs by capturing them & Provide Shelter at any designated Place.

2) Stop People from Feeding the Street Dogs.

3) Stop Hotels, Meat shops from disposing of the unwanted /unused foods in the street corners for Black Spots.