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Ban Logan Paul from entering Japan ever again

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Logan Paul recently uploaded a vlog where he went up and recorded a hanging body in the Aokigahara forest, at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, known as "Japan's suicide forest", due to its popularity as a suicide spot.

He received widespread backlash for his actions, from international and Japanese social media, celebrities, politicians, and members of the YouTube community, for his tone-deaf treatment of suicide and mental health, in a country where suicide rates are high. He later deleted the video and made a written apology on Twitter, followed by a video apology, which receive more dislikes than likes, as of writing this petition.

I believe, not just because of this extremely disgusting, intolerable and indefensible action, but also of his disrespect to the Japanese people, that he should not be welcome in the country.

Earlier before this video was created, he uploaded a video titled "We Fought In The Middle Of Tokyo!", where he flocks around the city as if it is "a giant playground". He is seen sticking his camera in people's faces and cars without permission, which is in violation of Japan strict privacy laws about filming and photography. He then rides on Tsukiji fish market's work vehicles. He then stands in Shibuya with a dead fish and an octopus tentacle. He holds this dead fish and octopus tentacle against the window of a nearby Starbucks, then carries the fish and the octopus into a clothing store. He looks at merchandise in the store, while again, carrying the dead fish and the tentacle, then he leaves both on the back of a cab, which drives away.

Later, he says, “Japanese people are so nice. First of all, they put up with me. Second of all, they laugh with me—sometimes at me.”

“It’s just, I love Tokyo. I love Japan. Americans, we could learn a lot.”

Unsurprisingly, he then gets backlash from Japanese people in the comments of the YouTube video.

Because of his juvenile and insulting behavior in public (not just that but also with a long track record of juvenile behavior from his videos on his YouTube channel), and also the fact that he disrespectfully recorded a video of a suicide victim, which he should've very easily avoided, but instead uploads it anyway for the sake of getting views, that he should be barred from entering Japan, and declared persona non grata.

I ask the Japanese Government and Prime Minister Abe to do this. He insulted Japan, therefore he should not be welcomed there anymore.

What he did was sickening. It's a shame that he even had the gall to record this in Japanese soil. This is disrespectful to those who lost their lives in the forest; including the man in the video; their families; and also everyone who has dealt with suicidal thoughts and those who have attempted to take their lives. Suicide is not a joke. This cannot be tolerated, and this cannot be forgiven. Thus, he should not be welcome for his grave actions.

Ban Logan Alexander Paul from entering Japan.

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