Together let’s build a Hindu Temple in Ireland

Together let’s build a Hindu Temple in Ireland

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Apurva Charity started this petition to Government of Ireland

There are over 30,000 people in the Hindu community living in Ireland. Hinduism is the world's third largest religion; its followers, known as Hindus, constitute about 1.15 billion, or 15–16% of the global population (source: In Ireland, the Hindu community came from many countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, USA & UK etc. Most Hindu people who immigrated here are well educated and working in large multinationals. Thus, the Hindu community is massively contributing to Irish economic growth in many areas such as IT, medicine, pharmacy, accounting, business and food industries etc and a large number of Hindu students coming to join Irish universities. 

A Hindu temple is a spiritual destination for many Hindus, as well as a landmark around which ancient arts, community celebrations and economy have flourished.  Most countries in the world have Hindu temple(s), a place of worship for the Hindu community living in those countries. In Ireland, there are many Churches for Christians, Mosques for Muslims, Gurudwara for Sikhs etc. However, there is no temple for Hindus in Ireland.  Although the Hindu community is large and is growing significantly, unfortunately, there is still no proper Hindu temple built on Hindu architecture/principles.

Hindus living in Ireland also need a place of worship (Hindu temple), just like other religions such as Christianity, Islam & Sikhism etc, which will assure guaranteed accessibility to the community to worship, pray on day to day basis, celebrate cultural & charitable events & many other festivities. At the moment, the Hindu community hire/rent GAA club halls, school premises, sports complex halls, warehouses etc for religious gatherings and cultural events which are improper for people looking for a place for meditation, worship, peace & harmony, and also it is costly and temporary. Basically, these temporary accommodations are not fit for purpose.

'Apurva Charity' has initiated to build a temple with the foundation and architecture suitable as per Hinduism, which will facilitate a dedicated place of worship to all the Hindus living in Ireland. The temple will not only serve for the religious ceremonies but also serve for many cultural and charitable events. Building a temple in Ireland, will not only support the Hindu community living here but will benefit Irish economic growth, tourism and cultural exchange. The Irish government has an opportunity to fulfil the basic needs of the Hindu community and in turn promote the prosperity of Ireland.

The Hindu community in Ireland is being deprived of no dedicated place of worship. A proper Hindu temple, a permanent place of worship is very much needed and is long overdue by now as the Hindu community here has grown significantly in the last 20 years.  The temple will enable the Irish Hindu community to cherish their traditions. Building and sanctifying a temple is part of the process of understanding and explaining our religion to ourselves, our children, and our community. The temple and temple-oriented religion are also important for us because they represent the only way, we have of communicating our traditions in a foreign setting.  We need to acknowledge the values of the ritual experiences, especially for the second and third generations who have no memory of experiences in the old country to fall back upon.

Apurva Charity has a clear objective to promote the advancement of the Hindu religion through the design and build of a community centre and temple to the benefit of the wider community from the island of Ireland.

Hindu temples are open to people from all religions and communities. The Hindu community worships for the wellbeing of themselves as well as the whole country and it's surrounding and believe in the Sanskrit saying “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – The whole world is one family.

We would like to appeal to the Irish government to support the initiative of Apurva Charity, help in every possible way such as acquiring land with planning permission to build a proper Hindu temple based on Hindu traditions/principles & architecture, satisfying the needs of the Hindu community living in Ireland.

We request your help by signing this petition to get this petition heard and support for building a Hindu temple in Ireland.  Please share this petition with your friends and family! Together, let’s build a temple in Ireland!

Apurva Charity
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