Government assistance in soaring fuel costs

Government assistance in soaring fuel costs

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Started by Amanda Spiteri

Data from the Department of Finance show taxes and charges account for 55 per cent of the cost of petrol and 51 per cent of diesel.

Tonight's newspaper announcement:  cuts for Petrol and diesel set to be slashed ONLY by 20c a litre is not enough.

"Extra information; ref the confusion about the EU: The Irish Government blatantly objected to a fundamental change to the EU’s energy market, proposed by Spain and France, which would have brought about reduced energy costs and greater security of supply, through a new joint energy procurement initiative"

The government needs to act faster and start supporting cost-cutting measures of more than 20c. "extraordinary flexibilities” available to EU member states to protect their own citizens’ well-being".Temporary measures can be sourced, capping prices at the pumps.Getting in to negotiations with petrol companies/ stations.

Whoes affected;Commuters, transport for childcare & school buses, Labour's, transport companies, taxis and anyone who offers transport or relies on transportation from services/ travel or work-related services need to travel etc. The list goes on...

Support this petition speak with signatures & nationwide shares of this petition to send a message to the government & EU to take immediate action for a substantially more significant reduction of fuel costs, more than 20cent! And, more price controlling measures.

Equality & Sustainability should be Ireland's goal for every family & individual. 



310 have signed. Let’s get to 500!