YS Jagan AP government cheated people of AP

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25,000 farmers gave their 33,000 acres of LAND to the goverment of Andhra Pradesh VOLUNTARILY when the then government asked the farmers for their land for the formation of new capital of A.P naming it as ‘Amaravati’ in 2014 through Land Pooling Scheme. The innocent farmers sacrificed their lands for the sake of their state and for the future of the next generation. The foundation stone for ‘Amaravati’ was laid by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. Lot of construction took place in ‘Amaravati’ like Wide roads and Huge Buildings such as AP secretariat, Assembly, AP High Court (Fully completed), 8 lane Seed Access Roads (80% completed), 6 lane and 4 lane connecting roads (under construction), MLA/MLC quarters high rised towers, AIS buildings high rised, Gazetted officers Towers high rised, Non-gazetted officers towers high rised, IAS bungalows, Minister bungalows, Judges bungalows which are more than 60% completed. Few are almost 90% completed. Two esteemed Universities viz. SRM University & VIT University were already established (construction completed) and are working successfully since 3 years. The then govt.also alloted many plots to many organisations viz. LV Prasad Eye Institute, Amrita University, Pullela Gopichand Academy, International Schools and Hospitals and Banks viz. Vijaya Bank, Bank of India, etc.  

       But now, the present government is planning to shift the capital (Forming 3 capitals for the state) after 5 years which is not at all fair. All the construction activities and development activites were stopped completed since 6 months (from the time when the new govt.was formed). This decision brought thousand of farmers onto the roads. Huge no.of women, children and senior citizens are also participating in the protest. Lakhs of people are protesting since 10 days continuously. None of the present govt.MLA’s or Ministers or Chief Minister addressed the farmers. The farmers of ‘Amaravati’ sacrificed their lands only by trusting the govt.that their returnable plots will be developed as the the govt.promised them saying the govt.will build international capital which includes all the amenities such as underground drainage, underground electric line, etc and construction of all Govt.complexes. ‘Amaravati’ is centrally located and is evenly accessible for all the districts of A.P. It has got all the resources needed too. 
        The present govt.is saying that ‘Amaravati’ will remain as the legislative capital (conducting just one session of assembly). This is just an ‘Eye-Washing’ for the farmers of ‘Amaravati.’ They are saying that the Executive Capital will be Vishakapatnam and the Judicial Capital will be Kurnool. This will definitely cause huge inconvenience for the public. Shifting of capital now after 5 years is not a correct decision. This decision lead to the differences among the people of A.P. which is very unfortunate for the bifurcated state. This decision will further lead to Suicides of many farmers and their families who sacrificed their lands as they were betrayed and are getting cheated by the present State Goverment. 
         The present govt.with an intention to kill ‘Amaravati’ as it was started by the previous govt. is betraying and cheating the innocent farmers. They are saying that this decision is for the benefit of the state in order to develop all the districts. If that is true why all the development activities in ‘Amaravati’ were stopped after the new govt.came into power. This is not the way to develop the state. Institutions and Industries should get spreaded to the district which was exactly done by the previous government. DEVELOPMENT SHOULD BE DE-CENTRALISED NOT THE ADMINISTRATION. 


1) All the politicals parties and people of A.P accepted ‘Amaravati’ as capital in 2014. The present govt.also supported ‘Amaravati’ in 2014 being the opposition party. 
2) Among 65,000 of returnable plots, around 40,000 plots REGISTRATIONS were already completed. 
3) Farmers gave their lands to the Govt.of A.P and not to an Individual. 

Question to the present govt.: Just to stop the farmers’ protest against the govt. You are saying that the returnable plots will be developed which is just an eye-washing for them. How can one trust u as you already broke all the promises given by the government of A.P to the farmers while taking their lands?????????

“Farmers are not fools to trust you again.” 
***My personal request: Please do not waste public money ��***