Women demand justice, implement the new system, hang the rapist.

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As all of you must know, women are miracles who raise the society and also, raise "THE MEN". Sad to say, we are losing these miracles (women) everyday. And what's the cause of that? Whom to blame? Read the first line carefully and specially the last 2 words, you must've got my point! Women are being brutally raped and murdered. The so called "MEN" who are themselves raised by an another woman rape women and kill them. Yesterday, we lost another woman, "PRIYANKA REDDY" who was raped and then burnt alive by "Mohammad Pasha" at Chatanpally Bridge near Shadnagar town, Hyderabad.

But now, enough is enough and women demand justice! We are in a need of a "System Change". These rapists after commiting such a crime, roam freely and unpunished. We don't just need imprisonment for these monsters. These monsters should be punished to death. The punishment for these monsters should not be any less than capital punishment. Mohammad Pasha shouldn't run free. Instead, we want him punished.

So, help this petition reach out to maximum people and please sign it and we hope it reaches the government of India somehow. We need your help and support. Women need your help and support. Until and unless we all raise a voice, nothing's going to change. Help this change happen by signing and spreading this petition.

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