When the constitution says " No Discrimination" then why "RESERVATION"

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 Article 14-16 of the constitution of India talks about equality. It talks about equal opportunities. It talks about equality in the matters of employment. It talks about equality before the law. It clearly mentions that no citizen shall be discriminated on the basis of race, caste, religion, creed, descent, or place of birth in respect of any employment or office under the state. "Right to equality", is a fundamental right given to the citizens of India.

Where does right to equality stand if there are reservations? Even though we are offered right to equality, it is laced with exceptions. The state is permitted to make any special provisions for the advancement of SC/STs and backward classes. Isn't it surprising when you talk about equality by giving unequal opportunities? 

It is sad that politicians are using reservations as trump card for their elections rather than seriously aiming at upbringing the backward people. I think that the government can help create a more equal society if it helps people in escaping the caste and religions that has been imposed on them at birth. The present system seems to benefit the rich among the reserved caste groups and support caste based politics.

Some people say that reservation is a step to compensate for how we as a society have treated people belonging to lower castes. I do agree that they were mistreated but when the constitution says " equality to all" does that not mean that they are automatically compensated. Who is going to compensate for the opportunities which the general people residing in India are missing? What about the lower treatment to them now? Is it a revenge? Are they responsible for what their ancestors did to the society? 

Give the backward classes better educational facilities, economic aids, free education and uplift them to compete with all. But the competition must be equal. There shouldn't be any reservation. Don't be biased please. Don't deny equality. I too fall under the reserved category but I refuse to take the advantages given to me. I am an Indian and I don't want to represent myself as the follower of any religion, caste or tribe. I wish every Indian could realise this. Only then we can achieve a better India, a caste free India.




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