Visual odometry for the safety of womens/girls

Visual odometry for the safety of womens/girls

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Women harrasment and rape is one of the major issue in India's metro cities.

An idea for the safety of women and girls while they are on the way out from home. Visual Odometry is a localization technique mainly used for machine to locate themselves.

A device using the concept of visual odometry can be carried with women/girls when they go out. Location as well as nearby areas are captured with the use of device. A real time tracing can be performed using a website which is directly link with the device.  A warning signal can be sent from the victim to the website and to family member via text. Website can be managed by officers appointed directly/indirectly for the purpose.

This is just an idea. A proper framework could be made once receive a mass response. 

Remember the best practice solution is awarness. Lets raise the solution to the government. Kindly share.