To stop cutting trees for the expansion of road in Udupi(BRAHMAVAR)

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The sides of the roads of Brahmavara-Hebri highway is a stretch of 50kms with Mangoe, Ashwattha and other trees all along the sides of the road. There are around 3500  fully grown trees at an age of 50 to 100 years and some more than that. All these trees are going to be cut down because of the 4-Lane Highway project.
The trees are in a average distance of 15 feet from the road on both the sides. Instead of the 4-Lane Highway project, a normal expansion of 5 to 10 feet would suffice considering the traffic density of the road. This road is one of the emptier roads during most part of the day. 
The Government should look through the necessity of this road project again considering the growing global warming rate in karnataka. Let us not invite what happened in Madikeri and Kerala to our Udupi. 
STOP the project, or find a way to do it without cutting the trees.