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To shift lord budha relics from national musium to sacred place.

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To shift lord buddha relics from national museum to sacred place like stupa,chaitya gruha or pagoda.

In mahaparinibbana sutta Lord buddha told to his disciples that relics of Universal monarch,Arhat,samyak sambudha(fully enlightened one) and paccheka buddha's to be kept only at stupa,chaitya gruha,or pagoda .So that followers of dhamma (upasaka and upasika) venerate them and It will be to his/her well being and happiness for a long time.Hearts of many people will be calm and made happy and their minds established in the with their minds established in faith therein, at the breaking up of the body, after death, they will be reborn in a realm of heavenly happiness. And so also at the thought: -"This is the stupa of that Paccekabuddha or Tathagata or Arahant( Fully Enlightened One) or righteous monarch who ruled according to Dhamma".As per religious faith no one get benefit or profit from sacred things nor sell of such religious things.

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